In the Urban Park of Sever do Vouga.
Delight yourself, taste it, meet it, taste it,
try it and have fun with Sever
do Vouga Blueberry, the Fruit of Youth.
Admission is free!







1.Th International trade Fair of the Blueberry comes from the design of the cross-border cooperation, referred to above, which are funded under the LEADER+ programme and it has partners and advocates for the national
- The municipality of Sever do Vouga, by the association of AGIM (Association for the Management of Innovation and Modernization
- Ireland and italy – an Association for Rural Development
- Mirtilusa – Association of Producers of fruits and vegetables

As an International partner:
- Arandano the Argentinean, of Argentina;
The Greennery in the Netherlands;
- Urubery of our country.

This co-operation is to promote the best practices of each of the partners in the production, promotion and marketing of the cranberry, so that the project is the culmination of the opening of the exhibition, with the presentation of the manual " good practices for the production, promotion and marketing of the blueberry, which is to be implemented in each of the participating countries, and the establishment of the International Platform for the Marketing and Transfer of Knowledge to the production of Blueberries.

The signature of this platform will be held on the 27th day of June, in the presence of Their Excellencies the Ambassadors of Argentina and the Netherlands (the Low Countries) and the Uruguay, which, together with the representatives of the companies that are part of the project, and in-country partners to formalizarão the creation of a platform whose main objectives are: - to give continuity to the work of the cross-border cooperation, the strengthening of the trade relations between the four countries and to develop partnerships among the science and technology system in the area of R& DT.

As part of the exhibition is the realization of the III National Colloquium on the Production of Small Fruits, which will be held on the 26th day of June, in which organization it is up to the DRAPC – Direcção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas do Centro, in the COTHN – Operative Centre for Technological and Horticultural, National, the APH (Portuguese Association for Horticulture, among others.

- Spread the cranberry and related products in the domestic market;
- To strengthen the marketing networks between Portugal, Argentina, the Netherlands, and the Urguai for the marketing of blueberries and other small fruit.
- To create a Platform for the International Trading and Transfer of Knowledge.
- To support the economic development of the Blueberry;
- Set the Sever do Vouga at the regional, national, and international levels, such as municipality and the producer of blueberries.