In the Urban Park of Sever do Vouga.
Delight yourself, taste it, meet it, taste it,
try it and have fun with Sever
do Vouga Blueberry, the Fruit of Youth.
Admission is free!






Musical entertainment

DAY 30 - 17:00


The singer, a Portuguese Toy comes to cheer up the afternoon of Sunday 30th. The concert is free and will begin at 17 o'clock on the Stage at the Lake


The Fair

DAY 27 - 10:00

Children's entertainment

The National exhibition of the Blueberry, it has an area for children's entertainment with bouncy castles, face painting, indoor swimming pool with giant balls and traditional games, among others. All of these animations are to participate free of charge and are available every day


Tent For Dining

DAY 30 - 11:30

Live cooking with the chef, Hélio Loureiro,

The renowned chef Helio Loureiro), will be at the Fair, the National Cranberry on Sunday, November 30th, to drive the two showcookings: one at 11: 30, h, for the kids, and the other at 15, is directed at the adults. The chef will show you some of the recipes, where's the blueberry that is one of the ingredients. The demonstrations take place in the Tent in the restaurant and it's free to join


Parade of mirtilitos

DAY 27 - 10:30

Parade of mirtilitos

The show Mirtilitos it is an activity that marks the start of the Fair, the National Cranberry. The children of the municipality, there is a parade with their costumes and the costumes allude to the blueberry, for a show that spreads colour and joy throughout the streets of Sever do Vouga

Technical Lecture


DAY 28 - 14:00

Technical presentations

On the evening of the 28th and 29th of June (Friday and Saturday) will be dedicated to technical presentations about a variety of topics of current interest and to all the players that are in the row of blueberry and small fruits. The lectures will take place in the Municipal Library is located in the city park), and the participation is free of charge.


Musical entertainment

DAY 28 - 22:00

The rhythms of south africa and Nomfusi on Friday night

The singer is in south africa, Nomfusi comes to act on the main stage of the Fair, the National Cranberry on the night of Friday, march 28. A concert, an intense and amazing, and it is also integradado in the programming of the Festival - Festival, Inter-county of the Music of the World


Musical entertainment

DAY 29 - 23:30

A tribute to Abba, with a AbbaMia

The band AbbaMia has brought to the Fair, the National Cranberry of the great successes of the swedes, Abba. A show not to be missed on the night of Saturday, the 29th day


Musical entertainment

DAY 29 - 22:00

Mimo''s Dixie-Band and a-Band port vale in concert

A concert by the amazing and added to the Mimo''s Dixie Band, and the Band is the Musical fusion port vale on the evening of Saturday, march 29, at the main stage of the National exhibition of the Blueberries. The music is a classic as you never saw!


Musical entertainment

DAY 28 - 23:59

DJ Miss Blondie

A well-known DJ Miss Blondie closed the night of Friday, march 28. Miss Blondie is one of the Djs in the most prestigious of the Uk, with a sound education in the course of an 18-year career. His dj sets journey through Nu-disco, Deep-House, Soulful, Deep-Tech, Tech-House, Techno and electronica, and they have as a common factor is the frequent presence of vocals, and a groove with a bassline, strong, commanding, sexy, and catchy.


The Fair

DAY 30 - 09:00

Blueberry, The Color Run

On the morning of Sunday, November 30, and will be held in the Cranberry Color to the Run. The merger will take place at 9 o'clock, at the City Park. Registration is required, and that you have a value of $ 5. The revenue will revert in their entirety to the private social solidarity institutions the Slopes of an Olive tree


The General

The general program of the Fair, the National Cranberry 2019

The program for the 27th and Thursday the

10: 00 Opening of the Fair
10: 30 am – the Parade of the Mirtilitos
10: 30 am - Workshop for sculpture paper in the public Library)
11: 30 am – Opening Ceremony (Tent Technique)
11: 30 am – Get to the Blueberry
12: 00 pm – live cooking for kids and with the Escola Profissional de Vouzela (Tent, Dining)
15: 00 – show cooking, children's, and adult Professional School of Vouzela (Tent, Dining)
17: 00 – show cooking-for-adults-with Veronica Asênsio (Tent, Dining)
18: 00 – Get to the Blueberry
19: 00 – Workshop wraps up with Vânia Vidal
22: 00 – the Band Kapittal and the Band Bitter Almond (Main Stage)
00: 00 – DJ Pedro the Accommodations (the Main Stage)

The program for June 28th, Friday

11: 00 am – Harvesting of Cranberries
11: 30 – show cooking, children's, with the EFTA countries (Tent, Dining)
15: 00 – the Route of the Cranberry
15: 00 – show cooking, children's, and adults, with the EFTA countries as well (Tent, Dining)
17: 00 – show cooking-for-adults-with Mizé Gomes, Tent for Dining)
18: 00 – Get to the Blueberry
18: 00 – OLGIN's sunset party in the Area of the Center.
18: 30 – the Workshop of the dessert with jam and Thin-Secrets - (Tent-Dining)
22: 00 – Nomfusi (Main Stage)
23: 30 h. – If Sentences are about the Band Names (the Main Stage)
01: 00 – DJ Miss Blondie (Main Stage)

The programme for the day may 29, Saturday,

The program for the 30th, a Sunday

09: 00 – the Route of the Blueberries on the Wasp.
09: 00 – Blueberry Color Run
09h30 – Lesson of Latin rhythms and a brazilian with her father in Rome
11: 00 am – Get to the Blueberry Field (Experimental).
11: 15 - Sign of the promotion of the book “The Little Country is the Fruit” (toronto public Library)
11: 30 – show cooking for children by chef Hélio Loureiro (Tent, Dining)
15: 00 - a Workshop of sculpture in paper, Cristina A., Sousa (toronto public Library, subject to prior registration)
15: 00 – show cooking-adult, chef, Hélio Loureiro, and registered dietitian, Angela Erickson (Tent, Dining)
15: 30 – Group Songs, and the Strings of the University's Senior Sever do Vouga
17: 00 – BUZZ (Site of Lake)
18: 00 – Picking in the Blueberry Field (Experimental).
18: 30 – Group Singing of the air conditioned
22: 00 – Band-The Underground (Main Stage)
00: 30 – DJ as a “hipster dance” (Main Stage)


Concerts and performances at the venue
The tours in the tourist train
Children's Entertainment
Harvesting of the Cranberries (pre-register)
The route of the Cranberries (pre-register)
Book fair (Library Hall)
Library, Fora dHoras (10: 00 to 24: 00 hours)
The exhibition of Sculptures made of Paper “and Other Stories”, by christina A. Sousa (toronto public Library)
Documentary exhibition on “Small Fruits,” (toronto public Library)
The Book fair
Free guided tours of the Museum
Blueberry, the Bus – a free Shuttle to the parks to the North and to the South of the village

Football match MirtiloCup (Municipal Stadium)
Cardiovascular screenings free of charge

Visits to the orchards of the fruit

On the evening of the 28th and 29th of June (for 15 hours), where you will visit the orchards of the fruit. The tour will be accompanied by an agricultural technician who will give you all the necessary explanations about the culture of small fruits. They will be visited with the early crops of fruit that are made in the Uk and plantations in recent years. The entry is obligatory and has a value of 8 euro (shipping to the plantation on it). The site visits are as follows:
- 28th (15 hours)
- 29 (15 hours)
Registration by e-mail geral@feiradomirtilo.pt


During the four days of the Fair, the National Cranberry there will be a session of the picking of blueberries, it is an activity designed for the whole family. Sign up now and take the basket and go pick fruit in a fun way! It's free to join!
The days and times of collecting the blueberries: July 27 (11) and (18 hour); 18 (11) and (18 pm); June 29 (11) and (18) hours; 30 (11) and (18 times)
The registration is free of charge but mandatory via the e-mail geral@feiradomirtilo.pt.

National fair of the Blueberry - from 27 to 30 June in Sever do Vouga

Sever do Vouga, to the Capital of the Blueberry, will receive the 12th edition of the National Fair of the Blueberry in the days 27, 28, 29 and 30 of June in the City Park of the Town. The event has free entry and has a component intended for the professional visitor and the other component goes to the families.